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We are a leader in developing and manufacturing of corrosion-resistant, high-performance Aerospace Metals which includes nickel-based alloys, titanium & titanium alloys, superalloys, and specialty alloys.

Airplane EngineAge-hardenable and high strength stainless steels gain favor from designers of aerospace, military, and other industries. 

Designers of industries like aerospace and military rapidly gain favors along with these specialized materials which are challenged to meet higher expectations in performance and rigid quality requirements.

These specialized alloys are upgraded conventional stainless steels. Conventional stainless steel, though provides the required corrosion resistance for various demanding applications, these steels are still lack of the combined high strength, fabricability, toughness, and damage tolerance.

An alloy is considered as a high strength stainless steel that can meet several vital requirements. To be highly qualified as a high strength stainless steel, various characteristics are required like ultimate tensile ductility, tensile strength, and yield strength. An alloy must also have general corrosion resistance similar to 304 type of stainless steel and with excellent stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance.

We also have the capability to provide forgings, powder metal parts, extruded shapes, machined components, castings, near-net-shape bars, and fastener stock for the different machining operations for Aerospace Metals for commercial and military aircraft and jet engines. This is how we lead globally in the advanced and technical development of aerospace materials.

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