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Chrome Plated Bars

Chrome Plated Bars

Chrome plated bars as recognized in the market with their superior performance & cost-effectiveness are now available in our product stock.

Chrome Plated BarsChrome plated bars are being recognized in the market due to their excellent corrosion resistance and best surface quality, proven effectiveness in field use, and lab testing. This bar comes in two types – either decorative chrome or functional hard chrome.

Decorative chrome plating is primarily used for applications like plumbing fixtures, automotive, and hardware. Being aesthetically attractive, decorative chrome is usually deposited above nickel plating layer to improve corrosion resistance. 

On the other hand, functional hard chrome is used in applications that require high degree of resistance to wear and corrosion. Hard chrome plated bars are ideal for parts and components that are subjected to withstand abrasion and friction and to be exposed to elements.

Chrome plated materials are proven to have extended service life. That’s why chrome plated tubes and bars create new levels of recognition in the market due to their cost effectiveness and superior performance.

This type of bar are characterized by their excellent qualities coupled with enhanced physical attributes plus better machinability and reasonable weldability.

They are used extensively in pneumatic and hydraulic industries.

Other typical applications are the following:

  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Mechanical tools and equipment
  • Waste disposal transport equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Compressors
  • Rods and shafts
  • Car jacks
  • Hoists
  • Mining
  • Transport lifting equipment

Our unique chrome plating operations can generate extremely high quality materials, allowing superior performance in all our materials in highly severe environment. This method offers significantly much better dimensional uniformity and increased level of corrosion resistance as well as an improved quality surface quality.

Our plating process can meet even the most severe occupational and environmental control requirements.

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