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12l14 heat treatment 440c Stainless Steel

12l14 Heat Treatment: Uses and Applications

Heat treated bars with improved mechanical properties are supplied for demanding applications requiring hydraulic machinery shafts, support tolling, etc.

Heat Treated BarsWhen there are properties highly required in steel bars, we perform heat treating for the production of heat-treated bars. Heat treating is typically used to attain the necessary mechanical properties especially to aid the machinability property. To have more precise control of mechanical properties, these bars undergo stress relieving process. Components like alloys are also improved through heat treating, typically on their hardenability. Attaining the ideal hardenability in alloys cannot be done through alloying elements only. Instead, a full cross-section is often used to increase the depth of hardness in each alloy. The full cross-section method makes it possible for obtaining those desired mechanical properties in much larger sections without/ with lesser use of severe quenching means. This is where heat treating comes in the process in which the depth of hardness of the alloy is determined by the alloying elements and along with the used heat-treating process. We also have the capability to provide forgings, powder metal parts, extruded shapes, machined components, castings, near-net-shape bars, and fastener stock for the different machining operations for Aerospace Metals for commercial and military aircraft and jet engines. This is how we lead globally in the advanced and technical development of aerospace materials.

12l14 heat treatment bar often exhibit characteristics such as fatigue resistance, toughness, high strength, and toughness which are perfect for demanding applications in severe environments:

  • Back up and support tooling
  • Hydraulic machinery shafts
  • Ejectors
  • Drill collars
  • Cams and bolts
  • Axles and piston rods
  • Reamer bodies and shafting
  • Tool bodies and tool holders
  • Boring bars
  • Gears and sprockets
  • Chain links
  • Valves
  • Tie rods and spindles
  • Machinery parts and components
We include these bars in our product inventory which can ordered and delivered as cold drawn or hot rolled. Cold drawn heat treated bars tend to have much better surface condition, tighter diametrical tolerance, and increased yield and tensile strength. We can supply bars with different grades in heat treated conditions. To get more details about services and product availability, you may contact us directly and talk to one of our steel sales representatives or submit our Free Request-a-Quote form to be assisted with your needs.


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