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Aerospace Metals

Precision Matters: Discover Aerospace Metals Crafted for High Standards

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Advantages of Age-Hardenable and High-Strength Stainless Steels

Age-hardenable and high-strength stainless steels have gained popularity among designers in aerospace, military, and other industries due to their exceptional properties. These aerospace metals are sought after for their ability to meet demanding performance requirements and stringent quality standards.

Enhancements over Conventional Stainless Steel

While conventional stainless steel provides sufficient corrosion resistance for various applications, it lacks the combined benefits of high strength, fabricability, toughness, and damage tolerance. Specialized alloys have been developed to address these limitations and offer improved performance.

Qualities of High-Strength Stainless Steel Alloys

To be classified as high-strength stainless steel, an alloy must exhibit certain characteristics, including ultimate tensile ductility, tensile strength, and yield strength. Additionally, it should possess general corrosion resistance comparable to that of 304 stainless steel and excellent stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance.

Benefits of Aerospace Precision Metals

Aerospace precision metals play a crucial role in the aerospace and defense industries, where they are used for aircraft, satellites, space vehicles, military weapons, and more. These metals are highly precise and must meet strict aerospace manufacturing standards. Additionally, they offer the advantages of lightweight construction and corrosion resistance.

Increasing Demand for Aircraft Metals

The demand for aerospace precision metals has surged in recent years, driven by the growing production of new aircraft, satellite launches, and increased defense spending. These metals find applications not only in aerospace but also in automotive, industrial, and electrical sectors. Their unique properties, such as extreme hardness and high-temperature resistance, make them highly desirable.

Wide Range of Applications

Aerospace metals find extensive use in manufacturing aircraft, missiles, satellites, semiconductors, computers, and mobile phones. Their versatility and performance characteristics make them suitable for various industries and applications.

Titanium, aluminum, and nickel are the primary metals used in aerospace precision applications. These metals can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes, offering superior corrosion resistance compared to other materials.

Choosing Reliable Suppliers

While there is a consistent need for aerospace precision metals in research and development, it is crucial to select trustworthy suppliers. Not all suppliers can deliver timely and genuine products. Therefore, careful consideration is necessary to ensure reliability.

Our expertise extends beyond the supply of precision metals. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including forgings, powder metal parts, extruded shapes, machined components, castings, near-net-shape bars, and fastener stock. Our specialization in machining operations for commercial and military aircraft and jet engines positions us as a global leader in advanced aerospace material development.

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