Bar Stock Cutting

Cutting Steel Bar Stock

Bar stock cutting services for achieving bar cut lengths according to your exact specifications.

Cutting Steel Bar Stock

For bending and cutting purposes on construction sites, we opt for doing bar stock cutting services powered by hydraulic machines and heavy-duty cutters. 

Our machines are capable of cutting and bending bars to the desired precision, length, diameter, and thickness.

Bar cutting is a process involved for accomplishing requirements in heavy-duty applications. Bars are cut at their regular intervals and each piece is cooled to be a piece of bar stock. 

Bar pieces are cut through the use of either horizontal band saw or traditional grinders to remove the unnecessary parts and to create the final shape.

Cutting bars are done at reduced noise levels. This is done silently but with sure way to do the job effectively. Machines used in the operation have blades with optimized size and strength for doing intensive cutting. Used machines are effective for saving both time and money. There is a need to use highly advanced cutting machines to perfectly bend bars at their required angle.

Bar stock cutting is highly applicable to the following applications:

  • Rail projects
  • Building construction
  • Bridge projects
  • Construction industry

From all types of bar stock cuts, we can all handle your metal needs – also can do custom cut size that you want. We will cut your required metal length to your exact specifications. We have trained staff and experts who will work with you for understanding your requirements and providing you with the exact cutting solution. 

Our reliable cutting services guarantee you will get the material you required with the desired specifications.

Bar stock cutting is one of the major services we offer.

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