copper 145

The Ultimate Solution for Corrosion Resistance and Machinability - Copper 145

Copper 145

Copper 145 is known for its high resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, as well as its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. It is an ideal metal for electrical applications that require corrosion resistance, extensive machining, and hot forged materials.

By incorporating an additional tellurium content of approximately 0.5%, a copper alloy with enhanced cutting properties is created, making it suitable for high-speed automatic screw machines.

Compared to pure copper, c145 tellurium copper has a significantly higher machinability rating of 85-90%, as opposed to the mere 20% rating of pure copper. This high machinability results in increased efficiency on both manual and automatic production lines, as well as a significantly longer tool life. In fact, c145 tellurium copper can exhibit a longer tool life compared to pure copper.

Uses of Copper 145

The high conductivity of this copper makes it a suitable material for high-speed automatic screw machines, as well as for architecture, industrial, and electrical applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Motor and switch parts
  • Electrical connectors and transistor bases
  • Soldering copper
  • Welding torch tips and forgings
  • Soldering tips and furnace-brazed articles
  • Screw machine products
  • Plumbing fittings, fixtures, and sprinkler heads
  • Switch gears and bolts
  • Studs and relay parts
  • Transformers and circuit breaker terminals
  • Gas cutting nozzles

Additionally, ground copper bars and solid copper bar stock have numerous uses. Solid copper bar stock refers to copper that has been formed into bars instead of sheets, making it easier to work with and more durable. It is popular in homes, businesses, and industries due to its affordability.

C145 tellurium copper is also useful in the production of other metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. Copper 145 bar stock offers several advantages over other copper types. It can be hammered down without breaking or fracturing, and it requires less fuel for production. Plus, it provides benefits such as lower cost, increased strength, more uniform thicknesses, and better surface quality.

Copper is a versatile metal with unique properties, making it an excellent choice for various applications, including manufacturing, construction, and electronics. Copper bar stock, including Copper 145, is highly versatile and can be helpful in a wide range of industries that require high-quality metal bars.

Why choose c145 tellurium copper? 

There are compelling reasons to choose Copper 145 bar stock and Tellurium copper. Copper is the most popular metal globally and finds applications in construction, manufacturing, transportation, plumbing, and electronics. Tellurium copper offers specific advantages over pure copper, including improved resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

C145 tellurium copper, with its tellurium content, is valuable in the production of electrical and electronic components as a substitute for pure copper. It can be found in electrical conductors, electronic circuits, and various other components. The advantages of tellurium copper include:

  • High thermal stability, making it suitable for use at high temperatures
  • Good corrosion resistance against sulphuric acid and nitric acid
  • Easy oxidation to tellurides
  • Tellurides with an extremely high melting point
  • Tellurides that are not affected by atmospheric oxygen

PGB C145 Tellurium Copper

We offer c145 tellurium copper bars that meet the ASTM B301 standards, and we can also provide other sizes according to your requirements. Our tellurium copper bars can be cut to order, tailored to your specifications.

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