Nitronic 60 Material

Nitronic 60 Material

The Versatile All-Purpose Steel - Nitronic 60 Material

Nitronic 60 Material

Nitronic 60 material is a remarkable stainless steel that belongs to the austenitic group, offering a unique combination of yield strength and corrosion resistance. With twice the strength of 304 steel grade, this alloy also exhibits exceptional high-temperature oxidation resistance and outstanding galling resistance.

Originally designed as a temperature alloy, nitronic 60 round bar demonstrates superior high-temperature properties, making it a reliable choice for applications around 1800°F. By incorporating elements like silicon and manganese, this alloy effectively inhibits galling, wear, and fretting, even in its annealed condition.

Cold working enhances its strength without significantly improving its anti-galling properties, but it provides added hardness, allowing for weight reduction and cost savings through the use of thinner stock.

Uses and Purposes of Nitronic  60 Material

Nitronic 60 round bar finds wide applications in various industries. It is well-suited for infrastructure projects, including bridge pins, wear plates, and expansion joint hangers for highway construction, as well as wicket gate wear rings and stems for hydroelectric dams. 

Additionally, this alloy is utilized in pharmaceuticals, sanitary equipment, and food processing applications where lubricants are not employed. It also serves critical roles in oil and gas production, chemical plants, and petrochemical facilities, providing durability and reliability in seats and trim seals, valve stems, pump wear rings, and bushings.

Reasons to Choose Nitronic Steel

Nitronic 60 round bar offer numerous advantages. Being nickel rods, they possess exceptional corrosion and wear resistance, ensuring longevity and performance. Compared to other metals, nickel rods are more durable, making them ideal for high-temperature applications.

With fewer impurities, the round bars deliver enhanced power and reliability, making them an optimal choice for diesel engines.

Elevate Your Projects with Nitronic 60 Material from Trusted Suppliers

When it comes to the nitronic 60 round bar, PGB stands as one of the most trusted suppliers in the industry. As a leading supplier, we provide top-notch quality materials widely used in automotive, electronics, aerospace, and various other sectors. 

Our Nitronic 60 material are meticulously crafted from a nickel and iron blend, imparting them with exceptional properties. Available in various sizes, typically three to five inches long, our supplies meet the highest standards of quality.

For further details or inquiries about our services and product availability, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced steel sales experts are ready to assist you, or you can request a free quote to fulfill your requirements. 

Partner with PGB, one of the trusted Nitronic 60 suppliers, and experience unparalleled quality and service.


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