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Fatigue Proof Steel Bars: Exceptional Strength and Machinability

Understanding Fatigue Proof Steel

Fatigue proof steel is a medium-carbon free machining steel renowned for its superior mechanical properties. Compared to stress-proof bars, fatigue-proof bars exhibit higher strength, achieved through a combination of mechanical working and thermal treatments.

Exceptional Mechanical Properties

These bars undergo a specialized process of drawing at high temperatures, resulting in remarkable tensile strength, excellent machinability, and uniform properties. Unlike other bars, fatigue-proof bars achieve their high strength through milling alone, eliminating the need for subsequent heat treatment. The strength of these bars remains consistently uniform from the surface to the center and end to end.

Efficiency and Dimensional Stability

Production of fatigue-proof bars does not require heat treatment or secondary operations such as straightening, cleaning, inspections, or additional machining. Machining these bars is 25% faster than annealed alloy steels and 75% faster than heat-treated alloy steels, while maintaining excellent dimensional stability. Their improved tool utilization and surface finish contribute to their exceptional performance.

Advantages of Fatigue Proof Steel

These high-strength bars, made from re-sulfurized, high manganese, silicon-killed steel, offer numerous advantages:

  • High tensile strength
  • Minimized distortion
  • Excellent resistance to wear and fatigue
  • Exceptional machining characteristics
  • Elimination of heat treating and secondary operations

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