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The ranging demands for round precision metals urge for boom production of quality products with adherence to quality and standards.

Round Precision MetalsDue to the existent quest for high precision in bars and all materials necessary for manufacturing applications, we go on with our full boom production of round precision metals. 

Our products include bars, sheets, tubes, and many other custom sizes and forms for your different applications.

We forge our products with adherence to top quality standards, keeping products finished with the desired diameter tolerance, hardness, and precision. We always strive to meet our customers’ satisfaction, working closely on quality and time delivery of our products.

Below are some of our extensive metal inventories that earn a lot of requests from the large industries we serve:

Our production round precision metals are achieved through the implementation of our precision surface grinding operations which include centerless grinding, OD grinding, thru feed, and plunge grinding. Targeting on meeting our customers’ rigid demands for precision, best surface finish, and tight tolerance, we work closely on these surface grinding operations to meet up those rigid requirements.

Round precision metals are available in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and finishes. We can also come up with custom cut size lengths once requested by our customers. This is made possible with our grinding solutions that are performed with the use of CNC machines and high-performance tools. 

Quality inspection is implemented in every phase, making sure all the goals are met with less downtime.

We have our wide array of round high-quality metals that are best applied in a wide variety of uses such as hardware, construction, craft, and manufacturing.

Our round precision metals are always open for deliveries across Chicago and the Midwest at affordable prices.

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