1117 Steel

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1117 Steel: Where Machining Efficiency Meets Impressive Mechanical Properties

1117 Steel

1117 steel is a stainless steel with high manganese and low carbon content, offering excellent machinability and mechanical properties. It has alloying elements such as carbon, copper, nickel, chromium, aluminum, and molybdenum. AISI 1117 contains higher manganese content compared to other low-carbon steels, providing good hardenability characteristics. 

This stainless steel is particularly suitable for machined parts that require subsequent case carburization, a process useful to achieve a hard surface while maintaining a ductile core. This 1117 bar is an ideal material for manufacturing parts subjected to vibrating stresses and shock. The addition of lead (0.15-0.35%) enhances its free-machining properties without compromising carburizing properties. 

This grade exhibits excellent physical and mechanical properties, including yield strength, elongation, tensile strength, and Brinell hardness. It is popular in the production of close tolerance parts requiring considerable machining properties and a smooth finish, making it ideal for automatic screw machines. 

1117 bar can be bent or formed in cold working operations that are not too severe. Some designated applications for carburized parts that require high surface hardness and a soft core include pinions, ratchets, camshafts, medium-duty shafts, gears, king pins, worms, studs, and universal joints.

Reasons to Buy 1117 Steel

Steel suppliers choose the steel bar for its high strength and lightweight properties. It is valuable in construction, mining, and manufacturing industries. Choosing 1117 bar is important due to its higher tensile strength compared to other carbon steels, enabling the creation of strong structures with reduced weight. 

The advantages of 1117 bar include excellent corrosion resistance and suitability for diverse industries. It is cost-effective, making it a preferred choice in the automotive sector. Furthermore, its high tensile strength and low weight make it valuable in the construction industry, where it can be easily weldable into various shapes and forms, such as rebar or wire mesh.

Best 1117 Steel Bar Supply

It is a high-quality alloy helpful in machinery, construction, and automotive manufacturing. It is a commonly employed steel worldwide with numerous applications. Additionally, this steel boasts high tensile strength, making it ideal for the construction industry. 

There are several reasons to buy 1117 bar. Firstly, it is a high-quality alloy with low carbon content, eliminating the need for tempering or heat treatment prior to use. Secondly, its excellent strength-to-weight ratio makes it suitable for machines, construction, and automobiles. Lastly, 1117 steel has a wide range of applications, making it a versatile choice.

Machining and Heat Treatment

The stainless steel should be machined at a surface speed of approximately 170 ft./minute. It has an average cutting speed of 150 ft./minute and a machinability rating of 91 percent compared to B1112 steel. The high sulfur content of 1117 bar makes it challenging to weld. It can readily respond to heat treatments and carburizing methods, resulting in a hard case and a soft core.

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