Thin Wall Tubing

Grinding Thin Wall Tube Products

Precision meets efficiency - Thin wall tubing solutions for a seamless future.

Thin Wall Tubing

Backed by our highly productive and super abrasive grinding machinery, our company offers precision grinding processes for a wide range of products. We specialize in grinding round bars, rods, thin wall tubings, as well as complex parts, ensuring high precision and quality.

Grinding Thin Wall Tubing with Exceptional Precision

For thin wall tube products, we excel in grinding them to their finest and tightest diametrical tolerances. This capability extends to various materials, including stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Our process ensures optimum grinding by removing necessary parts of the material, resulting in stress-free, burr-free, and metallurgically undamaged surfaces. We also measure shape distortion, residual stresses, and surface roughness in thin wall tubings with different nodule counts.

Challenges in Grinding Thin Wall Tube Products

Grinding thin wall tube products can present certain complexities. These tubings often exhibit tensile residual stresses on their surface, with a decrease in profile depth leading to compressive stresses. As the nodule count and depth of cut increase while work speed decreases, distortion can become more pronounced. However, we have a solution to overcome these challenges.

Implementing Hones for Optimal Results

To address the complexities involved in grinding thin wall tubings, we employ hones as a solution. Both floating and fixed hones offer advantages in different scenarios. Floating hones allow for various internal works, while fixed hones help maintain the bore’s trueness, resulting in precise outcomes.

Incorporating CNC Solutions for Precision

To achieve the desired quality in terms of precision roundness and diameter tolerance, we integrate CNC solutions into our grinding processes. This enables us to deliver products that meet the highest standards and specifications.

Applications of Grinding Thin Wall Tubing Products

Our grinding services for thin wall tube products find applications in various industries requiring condensed and seamless tubes. Some of these industries include:

  1. Role condenser tubes for heating
  2. Thermal and nuclear power stations
  3. Chemical processing plants
  4. Medical
  5. Food and Candy
  6. Electronics
  7. Toys and crafts
  8. Pneumatic systems
  9. Hydraulic systems
  10. Process applications

Providing Top-Quality Steel Engineering Solutions

Apart from our expertise in grinding thin wall tubing, we offer a range of machining processes to cater to different industries. Our commitment to top-quality and standard steel engineering ensures customer satisfaction.

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