1018 Stainless Steel

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1018 Stainless Steel

1018 stainless steel is a mild/low carbon steel known for its excellent weldability. It is a versatile steel with good case hardening quality. Unlike other low carbon grades like 1020, this low carbon steel bar contains a higher manganese content. This grade exhibits favorable mechanical and physical properties, including strength, toughness, ductility, improved Brinell hardness, and machining characteristics.

Specific controls are implemented in chemical composition, surface preparation, heating, and rolling processes to ensure the production of a superior quality product. This steel is widely used in fabrication processes such as forging, machining, welding, cold drawing, drilling, and heat treating.

Welding is not allowed when it is in its carbonated and carburized state. Therefore, low carbon welding electrodes are used during the welding procedure instead of post heating and pre-heating. Heat treating processes for this low carbon steel bar iinclude normalizing, forging, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, case hardening, core refining, and carburizing.

1018 carbon steel is popular in the manufacturing of parts requiring close tolerance, excellent machining properties, and a smooth finish. It is especially suitable for automatic screw machines. As a general-purpose steel, 1018 carbon steels find applications in a wide variety of industries, both large and small. Some of the common applications include:

  1. Crimping, bending, and swaging processes.
  2. Mounting plates, fixtures, and spacers.
  3. This low carbon steel bar prevents cracking in severe bends.
  4. Machining, drilling, punching, and threading processes.
  5. Providing softcore and high surface hardness to parts such as pins, special bolts, anchor pins, worms, chain pins, ratchets, tie rods, oil tool slips, liners, studs, machinery, etc.
  6. Carburized parts like gears, dowels, worms, pins, non-critical components of tool and machinery parts, dowels, die sets, pinions, chain pins, and tool holders.

Advantages of 1018 Stainless Steel

This low carbon steel bar is a popular choice for various commercial and industrial applications. It possesses high tensile strength, good formability, excellent corrosion resistance, and good toughness properties. This type of steel finds application in industries such as automotive, construction, and aerospace.

The advantages of 1018 carbon steel include its high toughness, corrosion resistance, and good machinability. It can undergo forging, rolling, stamping, and bending processes. Although, it is harder than most steels due to its low carbon content, it is also more brittle. However, the low carbon steel bar is easier to machine compared to steels with higher carbon content.

  1. Greater strength compared to other types of steel.
  2. Higher carbon content resulting in improved corrosion resistance.
  3. Suitable for high-quality products such as car parts and construction materials.

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