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Tube Grinding

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Improving Tube Grinding Operations

In response to the growing demand for high-quality tubing products, we continuously enhance our tube grinding operations to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

Our centerless pipe grinding services are adept at finishing straight tubes of various shapes, as well as bent workpieces. With precision and expertise, we ensure accurate finishes and clean polishing for tubing applications.

Centerless grinding is essential for achieving an accurate finish and a clean polish on tubing. By machining and grinding tubes, we eliminate marks and scoring, while improving surface finishing. Grinding cylindrical tubes requires a high degree of manual skill and solid experience to achieve smooth surfaces and precision straightness.

Efficient Grinding Process

Our arsenal of heavy-duty grinding machines enables us to work on both straight and curved tubes. Using abrasive belts, we achieve fine finishes, with stainless steel tubes often requiring a grain finish similar to aluminum tubes.

The grinding process plays a crucial role in preparing the tube’s surface for plating and coating. By removing imperfections and smoothing the surface, we ensure that scratches and other flaws become undetectable after the application of coatings.

While manual tube grinding can be challenging, our semi-automated and automated tube grinding systems expedite the process, creating a safer and cleaner work environment. Centerless grinding offers the advantage of achieving a grain surface finish on both straight and irregular-shaped tubes, as well as bent tubing.

High Production Throughput

Our pipe grinding systems boast high production throughput while minimizing operating costs. We strive to provide efficient solutions that enhance competitiveness and efficiency, alongside our custom-tailored offerings and comprehensive services.

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