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Precision straightening for returning bar’s desired shape after stress and distortion or warping caused by heating & welding, and cooling.

Bar StraighteningWe are highly capable of performing precision straightening services for our customers’ request. The eminent request is for straightening bar stock and tubing products its tightest diameter tolerance, precision straightness and roundness, and surface polish per foot.

Essential machining operations are involved in the conjunction with straightening process which includes centerless grinding, saw cutting, and polishing for the preparation of the materials to precision applications. Straightening comes from the principle of metal’s expansion when heated and its contraction when cooled.

Plastic deformation range is the resulting tension of restricting a well defined and heated section of a workpiece to expand. On the other hand, controlled cooling helps contract the metal more than it being expanded when heated. If it’s performed correctly, the material will be straightened out of its existing distortions.

Precision straightening is a rigid process in which results would only depend on how small the heated area is and how quick working temperature is obtained.

Use and Application

There are a lot of factors to be considered during the straightening course which involve:

  • Fixturing methods
  • Heat area
  • Metal thickness
  • Cooling rate
  • Metal type
  • Fuel gas

Precision straightening is highly useful as it returns the desired shape of material after heat and welding leaves stresses and subsequent cooling distorts and warps the material.

Straightening is one of the highly essential machining operations we perform for our customers and the large industries we serve like medical, automotive, aerospace, and power generation, especially for shafting applications. We are capable of straightening and processing nickel alloys, carbon steel, titanium, and precious metals.

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