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Bar Straightening Press

Bar straightening press is used straightening and delivering precision roundness for shafts (bars).

Bar StraighteningWe offer a wide variety of machining solutions for the completion of your different shaft applications. Bar straightening press is used straightening and delivering precision roundness for shafts (bars).

We perform hand-operated open throat presses along with bar straightening operations for straightening axle shafts, camshafts, and crankshafts.

Bar straightening press attachment is a fixture where bars or shafts are placed in proper position. At different points, shafts (bars) runouts are being checked and are moved just below the press ram for the bends to be removed.

Both flat products and bars need to be straightened after they are rolled at the mill. Straightening machines are highly used for precision roundness of bars.

We have a complete line of highly advanced rotary straighteners which can bring materials to their right appearance and dimension. We are capable of performing presses from 63 KN. – 2000 KN. capacity as well as supplying bar straightening attachment for bars with length 100 mm to 5000 mm.

We use Servo Controlled Press Stroke for our Bar Straightening applications other than conventional straightening press. In servo control, skilled operators will not be necessary. Its capacity ranges from 63KN. – 1600KN. Our presses are aesthetically built for operators’ comfort and overall look.

Our production capabilities also include special roll units for both hot and cold straightening of rounds and flats. To respond to demanding applications, we equip our production department with effective, heavy-duty press to bring billets, round, and bowed bars to specified and required tolerance.

We also have extended straightening capabilities – we now include hydraulic straightening press for square, rectangular, and round bars designed for alloy, titanium alloy, carbon, and stainless steel.

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