8620 Steel

The 8620 Steel

Versatility Redefined: Harness the Power of 8620 Steel

8620 Steel

8620 steel is perfect for a multitude of applications such as pinions, gears, cranks, cams, shafting and tie bars. It ais also useful to make clutch shafts, axles, collets, heavy-duty pins, bushings, springs, die cases, bolting, hand tools, and numerous machinery parts and components. 

The 8620 alloy steel is a cost-effective steel alloy, composed of carbon, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. This alloy bar possesses excellent carburized properties, thanks to its nickel content, which enhances case toughness while maintaining above-average core toughness. The presence of molybdenum and chromium contributes to the proper formation of carbides, resulting in exceptional surface hardness and wear resistance.

Reasons to Choose 8620 Steel Round Bar

  1. Versatile Applications: The 8620 alloy steel finds wide usage in construction as structural steel, as well as in applications like bridges, cranes, and towers. It is a highly popular steel grade known for its versatility. this makes it an indispensable choice across industries such as oil and gas, shipbuilding, automotive, and construction.

  2. Exceptional Strength: This steel variety offers remarkable strength and toughness. With a yield strength of 90 ksi (kips per square inch) and a tensile strength of 140 ksi, it can withstand impact and bending forces effectively.

  3. Corrosion Resistance: Thanks to its lack of interstitial carbides, it exhibits excellent corrosion resistance. Additionally, its low carbon content further enhances its resistance to corrosion.

  4. Superior Machinability: 8620 alloy steel is known for its machinability, allowing for efficient processing through milling, turning, grinding, or drilling operations.

  5. Lightweight Advantage: Compared to equivalent square bars, the round bar boasts a lighter weight. They are more convenient for transportation and applications where weight is a concern.

  6. Versatile Thickness: The thickness of the 8620 alloy steel makes it suitable for various applications, including forming and welding tasks.

At PGB (Precision Ground Bars), we proudly offer a comprehensive selection of 8620 Steel Round Bars. Our stocks are renowned for their superior quality and performance, delivering the perfect balance of a hard outer crate and a soft, ductile core. 

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