Ground Steel

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Ground Steel

Ground Steel Supplier for High-Demand Industries

We supply precision ground steel bars to meet the high demands of our customers from large industries. Our bars, delivered throughout the Midwest, are made with the finest quality produced out of our centerless grinding operations.

Wide Range of Precision Ground Steel Bar Products

We are a wide supplier of precision ground bar stocks, offering a full range of steel standard specifications. These ground bars have tight diametrical tolerance, precision roundness, and fine surface polish, making them suitable for any high-performance application. The straightness and roundness of our  bars ensure their capability to suit any machining in environments requiring minimum vibration during high-speed rotation.

Applications of Ground Bar

Steel bar products are highly used for parts that require cold forming, such as swaging, crimping, or bending. For highly severe bends, stress relieving is required to prevent cracking. Moreover, these are highly suitable for carburized components, including:

  1. Jigs and fixtures
  2. Cams and machine parts
  3. Patterns
  4. Non-critical components of die and tool sets
  5. Drive shafts and pump shafts
  6. Pins and bolts
  7. Rolling bearings and ball bushings
  8. Tool holders

Annealed Ground Bar Products

Our precision ground steel bar products can also be supplied in an annealed condition, suitable for applications like stripper plates, punch pads, machine parts, backup plates, and machine pads.

Wide Range of Steel Types

We offer precision ground bar stocks in a wide range of standard specifications and metric sizes. Additionally, we can produce custom sizes in the following steel types:

  1. High-speed steel
  2. Alloy steel
  3. Stainless steel ground bar
  4. Tool steel
  5. High tensile steel
  6. Carbon steel

Centerless Grinding Solutions

Our precision ground steel bar stocks are ground through centerless grinding solutions to meet exact sizes and diameter tolerances. We provide different standard ISO tolerances for bright drawn, precision ground, polished, and smoothly turned round steel bars.

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