Ground and Polished Round Bar

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Ground and Polished Round Bar expertise we offer to maximize your performance in rigid applications requiring tight dimensional tolerance and precision roundness.

Ground And Polished Round Bar

Unmatched Ground and Polished Round Bar Products

We provide ground and polished round bar products with excellent machinability properties and apply our grinding solutions to achieve consistent diametrical tolerance and optimum straightness bar to bar. Not only that, we can achieve an ultra-high tolerance of .0001” on bars up to 12 ft. high. We offer the following grinding and polishing capabilities:

  1. Fast Turnaround
  2. Tight Tolerance
  3. Accurate Quotes
  4. Precision Roundness
  5. Special Packaging

We provide you with unmatched bar grinding & polishing capabilities for your custom cut size bars and complex parts. Bar grinding & polishing is a machining solution that is rigidly used to achieve surface enhancement and provide an even higher surface quality over products. 

This is usually required by many applications that need additional surface quality in bar forms. Ground and polished round bars offer cost-savings in terms of material use and quality. Bars can be cut to custom lengths, allowing tight tolerance processes close to part dimensions. 

Grinding encompasses all processes needed to shape a bar, including polishing, buffing, etc. Parts can be ground to their finished part size, with long bars ground to ASTM specifications for standard dimensional control. Bar grinding & polishing is applicable for abrasively removing unnecessary parts of the material and polishing it to achieve the desired consistent diameter and bar precision. 

Advantages of Polished Stainless Steel Bar Stock

Polished stainless steel bar stock, commonly known as 304-grade stainless steel and many other types, is the most common type of stainless steel. It is used for a variety of applications, including kitchen appliances, jewelry, and watchmaking. The advantages of polished stainless steel bar stock include:

    1. Resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments
    2. Ease of welding and cutting using standard equipment
    3. Easy machinability and weldability into various shapes.

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