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Automobile Parts

Adhering to the requirements in automobile applications, we expand our inventory of high strength, light weight metals.

Automobile Factory We do run a wide distribution of products and application of services to automotive industries. Steel and machining operations have a big use almost in all aspects and fields in an automotive application including racing, cars, heavy-duty trucks, and recreational vehicle industries. With our long history of supplying the best metals in town such as steel, aluminum, titanium, we can top the standards in filling your requirements when it comes to pumping shaft quality, tolerance, durability, strength, and precision.

The automotive industry has roughly covered the 12% of global steel consumption. Polished stainless steels, for example, have been regularly used material to give off good effect to the automotive construction. Steel is almost used to improve the exterior appearance of all types of modern road automobiles. As long as quality and durability are always set as prime requirements in automotive applications stainless steels will always be there as a top preference among other metals.

There also comes a rigid goal in improving the vehicle’s speed and environmental friendliness, which give rise to the demand for high strength and low-density materials. In line with this, the production aluminum is edging towards the automotive manufacturing industry. Aluminum exhibits excellent physical and mechanical properties including super high strength and lightweight.

Aluminum however, are quite expensive metals which open more innovations in making highly advanced class of stainless steels to enhance automotive structure. This development also comes with the target better fuel economy and better vehicle frame.

As the demand continuously rising, we expand our inventory to cater all the huge requests coming from our big automotive manufacturer customers. We continually partner with our customers along with our continuous development of ultra high strength steels to meet their rigid requirements.

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