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Titanium - Exotic Alloys

Titanium Alloys

One of exotic alloys, titanium is highly recognized due to its two most useful properties: extraordinary corrosion resistance and excellent high-strength-to-weight ratio.

Titanium - Exotic AlloysTitanium is considered one of the exotic alloys which are known for its extreme immunity to corrosion and organic chemicals. This exotic alloy has white silvery metallic color and is two times stronger and lighter than steel. With this exceptional feature, titanium is highly sought by big manufacturing industries like automotive and aerospace construction.

Titanium earns the reputation of being a wonder metal as it is found in high-level competition vehicles from bikes to speed cars. It is recognized a little high above steel due to its two most useful mechanical properties; this exotic alloy possesses very good corrosion resistance and an extremely high strength to density ratio.

This metal can be alloyed with different elements including aluminum, molybdenum, iron, and vanadium to produce strong, super lightweight alloys. As a metallic element with super high strength, titanium can relatively stand a high melting point of more than 1, 650 °C or 3, 000 °F which makes it a refractory metal. Titanium can have different tensile strengths and densities depending on the metal’s grade.

Titanium’s alloys can also oxidize quickly as exposed to air just like magnesium and aluminum. It can readily react with oxygen at 610°C (1, 130°F) in pure oxygen as well as at 1,200°C (2, 190°F) in the air which forms titanium dioxide. However, this metal is slow to react in water and a poor conductor of electricity and heat since it forms a passive coating that serves as protection against further oxidation.

Possessing high tensile strength, great corrosion resistance, and lightweight, titanium is highly used in manufacturing abrasive water jet machines. Other of its major applications are:

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