Centerless Grinding Service

For achieving high tolerance, precision roundness, and perfect surface finish, we perform centerless grinding service to complete high-performance applications.

Centerless Grinding Service

Centerless grinding service is a commonly used method for manufacturing parts that require abrasive material removal. It is called “centerless” because there is no need for centering or any spindle or fixture to hold the workpiece. Instead, the material is secured between two rotating wheels (grinding wheel and regulating wheel) that move in opposing directions but at relative speeds.

Our Centerless grinding services are well-known for their ability to perform almost all necessary machining functions in the metalworking industry. This grinding method has gained significant popularity among large industries. We utilize advanced purpose-built centerless grinding machines equipped with a complete set of tools to provide rigid support for the workpiece, ensuring consistent diameter tolerance and highly polished bars.

We offer a wide inventory of 1045 Round Bars, which are specially turned, ground, and polished steels designed for a variety of applications requiring superior steel compared to cold or hot rolled metal bar products, all at a profitable price.

Capabilities of Our Centerless Grinding Service

To achieve tight tolerances and a perfect surface finish in bars, we perform centerless grinding services for a wide range of industries we serve. Our capabilities include the following types of grinding operations:

  1. OD grinding
  2. Thrufeed centerless grinding
  3. Infeed centerless grinding

We excel at achieving precision roundness and high tolerance in long round bars and even complex parts. Centerless grinding holds great significance and recognition in the metalworking industry as it encompasses all essential operations in a single pass.

In addition to grinding, this process also enables roughing, polishing, finishing, and cleaning. It is used to generate surfaces and remove abrasive material, shaping the workpiece and giving it a flawless surface finish.

Aligned with our primary operations, we prioritize the following:

  1. Thorough understanding of centerless grinding fundamentals
  2. Utilization of productive machinery and equipment
  3. Consistent inspection of product quality
  4. Use of advanced grinding wheels
  5. High tolerance and precision roundness

PGB: Your Trusted Centerless Grinders

Precision Ground Bars (PGB) is your trusted source for top-quality centerless grinding services. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we specialize in delivering exceptional results for a wide range of industries.

Why Choose PGB as Your Centerless Grinders?

  • Expertise: Our experienced team of centerless grinding professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and skills to handle any project with precision and expertise.
  • Advanced Equipment: Equipped with modern, purpose-built centerless grinding machines, we ensure consistent diameter tolerance and highly polished bars for your specific requirements.
  • Wide Range of Capabilities: We offer a comprehensive range of products and services to meet diverse industry needs.
  • Quality Assurance: We prioritize consistent product quality through stringent inspections, ensuring precision roundness and high tolerance in every finished product.
  • Versatility: Our centerless grinding services provide efficient removal of abrasive materials, shaping workpieces, and delivering flawless surface finishes. We also offer additional operations like roughing, polishing, finishing, and cleaning.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our cost-effective centerless grinding services save you from investing in expensive machinery, while delivering exceptional value and quality results.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction and work closely with you to understand your unique requirements, providing personalized solutions and delivering on-time with exceptional service.

Experience the PGB’s Centerless Grinding Service

Choose PGB as your trusted centerless grinders for superior results and unparalleled service. With our expertise, advanced equipment, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are ready to assist you in achieving your machining goals.

Contact us or ask for a quote today to learn more about our centerless grinding capabilities and discover the difference that PGB can make for your projects.


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