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OD Grinding

Outside Diameter Grinding

OD Grinding (outside diameter) best applied to external part removal for optimum operation, allowing great surface finish and polish.

OD GrindingWe boast our best surface grinding capabilities for the completion of your manufacturing goals. In line with our aims to offer you with our great machining solutions, we also include OD grinding technique to our operations.

OD (Outside Diameter) Grinding has been one of the most used grinding techniques just like centerless grinding which is highly sought in the automotive industry for camshafts and crankshafts.

To achieve different desired finish by customers, OD grinding technique is divided into four different variants of grinding operation such as the following:

  • Plunge grinding [in–feed centerless grinding]
  • Centerless outside diameter grinding
  • Through-feed grinding or thru-feed centerless grinding
  • Centerless longitudinal grinding

This grinding technique is occurring on the outer surface of the workpiece between the “centers”. These centers are end units used to hold the workpiece at each end, allowing the piece to be rotated. The grinding wheel also rotates in same motion with the workpiece but in opposite direction, allowing rigid part removal for a smoother operation with less jam up times.
There involved in the operation the presence of super abrasive wheels as well as high precision servo control that make it possible for achieving that very tight tolerance and perfect diametrical dimensions among ground bars used for camshaft and crankshaft application.

The process in OD grinding is sequential but performed at a very rapid speed. Such operation is highly beneficial towards cost-savings at highly reduced work handling times. Thus, for rigid automotive operations that require effective machining solution but at a cost-effective price, OD grinding solutions are best applied in this field of application.

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