11L17 Steel

Precision Meets Performance with 11L17 Steel

11L17 steel: Excellent surface finish, superior machinability, and versatile applications

1117 Steel

11l17 steel is a re-sulfurized steel known for its excellent surface finish and machinability. Similar to 12L14, this steel does not alloy with lead but retains it in its elemental state. The dispersed lead within the steel’s structure allows for easier chip breakage during the machining process.

This grade features high manganese content and low carbon content. It shares most of the machining characteristics of 1212 Screw Stock while offering improved mechanical properties. Additionally, it exhibits good carburizing properties.

11l17 round bar is a popular steel type renowned for its strength and ease of welding and forming due to its low carbon content. It finds applications in construction, machinery manufacturing, and aerospace engineering where high strength and corrosion resistance are essential.

Manufacturers widely prefer this steel for various applications. It is employed in the production of tools, machinery, and other high-quality steel items. The product range includes round bars, flat bars, square bars, and wire rods. With a hardness of 50-55 HRC, 11l17 round bar can be forged into round, square, or rectangular shapes.

With its high carbon content, it demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance and low reactivity to heat. It is famous for its remarkable strength and ductility. The manufacturing process involves rolling hot metal into thin sheets, followed by shaping the metal using hydraulic pressure in a punch press machine to create round bars with circular cross-sections. Subsequently, the bars are cut into smaller pieces using a cold sawing process.

The advantages of using 11L17 steel lie in its ease of welding, machining, and forging into desired shapes. Carbon steel round bars, including this grade, are helpful in construction and manufacturing industries due to their high strength-to-weight ratio and easy formability.

Carbon steel round bars find extensive use in construction, fabrication, and manufacturing, thanks to their impressive strength-to-weight ratio and malleability. They are typically stronger than common steel types like mild or stainless steel, as well as aluminum alloys.

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Round bars are useful in automatic screw machines for producing precise parts with close tolerances and superior machining quality. These bars offer a smooth finish, making them highly desirable for machining applications.

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