Precision Ground Rod

Precision Ground Rod

Elevate your projects with our precision ground rods designed for optimal results.

Precision Ground Rod

We continuously expand our inventory of precision ground rod products, offering a wide variety of options in terms of product size, shape, grade, and length. One of our largest inventory sections is our precision ground rod stock, which experiences high demand and numerous requests from customers.

We take pride in our precision ground round bar stocks , forged to achieve the finest finish using the best steel grades available. As suppliers, we cater to the diverse demands of several large industries, including:

Reasons to Choose Precision Ground Rod

The steel bar is a crucial structural component extensively useful in construction, engineering, and manufacturing. It consists of round steel bars that are welded together to form a rectangular shape. Ground bar stock, specifically, refers to a type of steel bar primarily helpful in construction applications such as roofing, scaffolding, and building frames.

Precision ground rod is possible by cutting long, thin bars from steel and then rolling them into a cylindrical shape. This type of steel bar offers advantages over round bar stock, as it can be produced more efficiently, possesses greater strength, and is suitable for a broader range of applications. Notably, ground bar stock is more cost-effective to produce compared to round bar stock.

Steel round bar stock is produced by cutting and forming round bars from flat sheets. It is popular for manufacturing structural shapes such as beams, columns, and I-beams. The use of steel round bar stock has seen an increase in recent years due to its proven efficiency compared to other types of steel. It is useful in construction projects as it can be easily weldable with other materials. 

PGB: Your Premier Precision Ground Round Bar

Precision ground round bar play a critical role in the steel production process by providing raw materials to end-users. They are responsible for delivering quality products at competitive prices and within short notice. PGB stands out as one of the best ground bar suppliers in the market. We offer a wide range of steel round bars, steel square bars, and steel flat bars.

As ground bar suppliers, we adhere to detailed product specifications to meet the industry standards. These specifications include mill size, weight tolerance, length tolerance, thickness tolerance, and diameter tolerance. PGB is globally recognized as one of the leading ground bar suppliers, offering a diverse range of products suitable for both industrial and commercial use.

Steel bar suppliers acquire raw materials from steel mills to produce the required amount of ground bars. They purchase these raw materials from ground bar suppliers.

PGB is among the top steel bar suppliers worldwide, catering to various industries such as construction, mining, manufacturing, and engineering. We provide ground bar stock in a wide range of sizes and with varying carbon content, ensuring the highest quality at affordable prices.

Precision Ground Rod Suppliers

Our products are meticulously crafted to perfection. With a strict adherence to quality and industry standards, we deliver hot or cold finished products with tight diameter tolerance, precision roundness, and a clean surface finish. These ground bars are particularly suitable for applications requiring tight tolerances and precise diametrical dimensions, making them superior to bright turned bars. 

Precision ground rod supplies exhibit exceptional straightness and roundness, minimizing vibration when rotating at high speeds during machining operations. We proudly maintain an extensive production and distribution network of precision ground bars, supporting the manufacturing of pump shafts, pins, driveshafts, bolts, rolling bearings, and ball bushings.

Our production employs high-strength materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, high tensile strength steel and more. Request a quote now!


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