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Bearing Manufacturing Company

We know the importance of steel quality to bearing production, and we want to extend the benefit to others, especially to bearing manufacturers.

Chrome Bearing

In-depth knowledge is required for bearing manufacturing. Bearing materials are manufactured in specific grades. It is a very precise making and tests on steels used are always run to make sure it has the right amounts of alloying elements in it.

For bearing manufacturers, we continue to extend our full inventory of steel and metal materials of different grades and compositions to the completion of bearing production.

We have proven years of experience in steel making for bearing applications. We understand how important the quality of steel is to the production of bearings, and we want to extend the benefit to others.

Our Bearing Capabilities

Due to the extent demand for high-quality materials to be used in such applications, we boost our production of bearing shaft quality bars. Our bearing grade steels are specially designed to meet the rigid requirements for high strength, machinability, durability, and capabilities that bearing manufacturers needed.

Bearing shaft quality bars

Our full range of steel and metal products are machined at their finest and tightest tolerance to pass stringent standards and requirements set in the various industries we serve. We take a keen watch on quality upon performing our machining services and products. 

Consistent quality inspection is laid out in all our operations. Moreover, we take full understanding of basic fundamentals and rules in machining to make sure we can meet standards set by our customers.

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