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Precision Centerless Grinding

Advanced Technology and Operations: Maintaining Tight Tolerances

We employ advanced technology and precise operations to maintain tight tolerances for our parts. Our comprehensive range of machining operations includes Precision Centerless Grinding.

We specialize in supplying precision ground bar materials that are ideal for close tolerance machining applications. With the utilization of highly efficient thru-feed centerless grinding machines, we take pride in our ability to deliver high precision and tolerance in our products while ensuring fast lead times.

Excellent Straightness and Consistency: Superior Machinability Features

Starting with materials that possess superior machinability characteristics, we ensure excellent straightness and consistency in the final results, with dimensional tolerances maintained from bar-to-bar and bar-end to bar-end through our Centerless Grinding operations.

Our primary focus is on consistently producing higher quality finished components, optimizing material yields, minimizing scrap, and reducing machine downtime to meet the strict criteria of our customers.

Our Precision Grinding Capabilities: Meeting Your Demands
  • Ultra-precise tolerances for desired foot lengths and roundness
  • Precision ground bars or parts
  • Precision bar grinding
  • Processing of various materials such as metals, ceramics, and plastics
  • Exceptional finishes up to 2 Ra
  • Diameter range: 0.005″ to 2.50″

Advantages of Precision Centerless Grinding: Superior Results

Precision centerless grinding is the preferred method for grinding in the production of metal parts due to several advantages it offers over other methods. It is a process that increases the rotational speed of the milling head by utilizing the friction between the grinding wheel and the material.

Enhancing Surface Quality: Removing Defects and Refining Surfaces

This process is employed to grind the surface of a workpiece, removing any defects and enhancing surface quality. It involves the removal of material from a surface using an abrasive wheel with a sharp edge. Precision centerless grinding machines are utilized to carry out this process.

Versatile Applications of Precision Grinding: Meeting Diverse Needs

Precision grinding is widely used by manufacturers and tool makers to produce their products due to its affordability, relatively high precision, and versatility, making it a popular choice in the industry.

Advantages of Precision Centerless Grinding: Optimizing Efficiency

Precision grinding finds various applications, including the manufacturing of parts with hard surfaces that require a smooth finish and the sharpening of tools. Additionally, it is utilized to refine uneven surfaces on materials like wood or stone, making them easier to sand and polish. The advantages of precision centerless grinding include:

  • Higher production rates due to shorter process times
  • Improved surface finish quality, resulting in reduced surface roughness and tool wear
  • Consistent and accurate results
  • Reduced processing time
  • Increased efficiency in manufacturing processes

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