12l14 Steel

Enhance Your Machining Efficiency with 12L14 Steel's Superior Workability

Stainless Steel Round Stock

Experience the exceptional qualities of 12L14 steel, known for its smooth, machined surface and extended tool life. Referred to as “LedloyTM,” this re-phosphorized and re-sulfurized screw machine stock contains additional lead content, providing outstanding lubricating effects that result in remarkably fast machining rates.

Elevate your construction, engineering, and manufacturing projects with 12l14 steel bar stock, a carbon steel renowned for its strength and toughness. We produce bars, wires, rods, tubes, and plates, meeting your precise requirements. Benefit from its durability, resistance to corrosion, and excellent performance at an affordable cost.

12L14 Steel – Versatile and Easily Machinable Steel for Diverse Applications

12l14 steel bar stock is a widely used steel known for its ease of machining and versatility in various applications. It is frequently employed in automatic screw machines, the manufacturing of precision parts with close tolerances and a smooth finish, as well as in processes like crimping, bending, and riveting. It is also utilized in the production of bushings, inserts, couplings, and hydraulic hose fittings. 

The exceptional machinability of this bar can be attributed to the presence of sulfur, phosphorus, and lead in its composition. These elements facilitate smooth machining and make it a preferred choice for applications that require precise finishes and tight tolerances. Moreover, it exhibits favorable strength and ductility characteristics, further contributing to its adaptability across a range of applications.

Your Trusted Source for Carbon Steel Bar 

Discover the versatility of carbon steel bar types, ideal for various applications in the construction and manufacturing industry. Carbon steel bars offer superior impact and abrasion resistance, stronger than mild steel and more ductile than stainless steel. With its corrosion-resistant properties, carbon steel is a reliable choice for demanding environments.

Choose PGB for High-Quality 12l14 steel bar stock. We provide high-quality 12L14 steel, carefully crafted from premium carbon steels. Our stock is designed for exceptional performance, ensuring efficient machining and close tolerances. Whether you need bushings, couplings, inserts, or hydraulic hose fittings, our 12L14 steel rods are the ideal choice. Experience excellent ductility for bending, crimping, or riveting applications. Request your free quote today!

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