Duplex Rounds

High-Class Strength Duplex Material

Among our wide Duplex Rounds Metal Steel Bars​, we also have a room of duplex stainless steel which has two-phase microstructure grains such as ferritic and austenitic grains.

8620 Steel

We proudly present our extensive inventory of stainless steel products, offering a wide range of choices in terms of shapes, lengths, finishes, and grades. Among our diverse steel bar stock, we also provide room for duplex stainless steel, which features a two-phase microstructure comprising ferritic and austenitic grains.

Duplex rounds are witnessing a significant surge in demand from large industries due to their exceptional mechanical features, including:

  • Strength: Duplex steels exhibit remarkable strength, being twice as strong as austenitic and ferritic stainless steels.

  • Corrosion resistance: Coated with superior elements such as molybdenum, chromium, and nitrogen, duplex rounds offer excellent resistance to corrosion.

  • Toughness and ductility: With their impressive strength, these steels can withstand high-temperature environments. They possess significant mechanical characteristics such as toughness and ductility, which are highly sought after by metalworkers.

  • Stress corrosion cracking resistance: Duplex steels exhibit outstanding resistance against stress corrosion and cracking, further highlighting their superior physical and mechanical properties.

  • Cost: Duplex steels are more cost-effective compared to other metals like aluminum and titanium. The reduced amount of alloying elements, such as nickel and molybdenum, leads to a thinner thickness while increasing yield strength. This formula results in significant cost and weight savings compared to austenitic steel solutions.

More Reasons to Choose Duplex Steel Round Bars

We are all familiar with duplex stainless steel bars, but what exactly are they? They are steel bars with two flats on one side and one flat on the other. The reason for choosing these bars extends beyond their use in construction. They are predominantly used in the manufacturing industry for producing items such as metal rods and metal pipes. Duplex steel consists of two thin sheets of metal rolled or pressed together. It boasts high corrosion resistance and is easily weldable.

A duplex stainless bar is a round bar made from two thin sheets of metal that are welded together in the middle and then cut into bars, providing greater strength compared to other types of round bars, such as duplex round bars and square bars. 

Precision Ground Bars: Trusted Duplex Stainless Steel Suppliers

Looking for reliable duplex stainless steel suppliers? Choose Precision Ground Bars. We offer a wide range of high-quality duplex products, including round bars, sheets, and plates. Our commitment to superior quality, competitive pricing, and efficient delivery makes us the preferred choice for industries worldwide. Experience the excellence of Precision Ground Bars as one of the best duplex stainless steel suppliers. Contact us or get a free quote today.


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