Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging for Steel and Metal Products

Our custom packaging services are best recommended for steel and metal products of whatever sizes and forms – we ensure product’s 100% quality transported across places.

Custom Packaging

We also highly specialize in custom packaging for our all metal products ranging sizes, lengths, weight, to shapes. We have the equipment, experience, and skill to come up with proper designs for manufacturing packaging that can protect metals from rust and damage.

We always take consideration upon how industries change and we always adjust on new methods to have cost-effective and better steel and metal packaging for our customers upon delivery. We don’t sacrifice and ruin product’s quality in whatever kinds of product you have from scrap metals to automotive parts, we make sure these products are delivered to you in their pristine condition and on time.

Our custom packaging services are best recommended for steel and metal products of whatever sizes and forms. We incorporate custom designs with the use of CAD software and skillful experience of our packaging experts. 

We secure packaging boxes will firmly hold and support materials to avoid metals hit other metals or parts and to prevent nicks and scratches to appear. We also work closely on metal wrapping to prevent parts to protrude and to avoid exposing them to moist or humid conditions which can cause rust.

We are capable of these packaging options:

  • Wood crates and shields
  • Boxing – wood and cardboard fiber
  • Cardboard tubing for all sizes
  • Paper wrapping
  • Cardboard collars
  • Utility boxes
  • Paper tube
  • UPS packages
  • Custom wooden boxes
  • Collared and wrap

We perform it right to make sure our customers will never receive poorly packaged products to their doorstep. We handle even most intricate parts like those CNC-machined, ground metals; we make sure we maintain their true quality. Tight tolerance, surface polish, and precision roundness will be transported 100% upon delivery and shipping.

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