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Roll Straightening

Precision Round Bar Straightening

We perform special roll straightening to give precision straightness to round bars, metal section, tubing products, etc., and correct deformed parts.

Roll Straightening ServicesRoll straightening is a machining method designed for straightening thick and thin sheets in both hot and cold states. Straightening and stretching machines are used for straightening metal rolls. 

These are machines are specially designed to straighten rolls and coils. Machines are developed from the finest grade materials as well as the latest technologies.

Roll straightening is a high pressurized processing method that is utilized mostly in the deformation process. It can be used to straighten hot rolled and annealed materials like metal section, tubing products, steel bars, etc.; their straightness can be changed by extruding.

We use either manual control or automatic control mode as options in straightening up materials. These options allow us to meet the various requirements of our customers when it comes to their specific applications. 

We have two-roll straightening machines that are specially designed for straightening hot treated or annealed, hot rolled round materials to provide them better billets for the follow-up process and to give it excellent bar straightness. Our system implements the use of equipment with a series of technologies including electric, lubrication, hydraulic, and mechanical.

What is better with our straightening performance is our machine’s’ ability to allow polishing function. Thus, our capabilities may include press polishing of bars. Our straightened bars are extensively used in high temperature and high-speed applications.

Our wide variety of machining options are tailored to their finest and up to the highest quality with regard to steel engineering standards to meet exact requirements when it comes to tolerance, precision, and finish. 

We work closely on quality and always perform Quality Inspection in each of our operations. In addition, we also take full understanding of basic fundamentals in machining in order to meet the rigid standards in machining and to target product specifications.

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