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11L17 Carbon Steel

11L17 Carbon Steel Round Bars

We extend our stock of 11L17 Round Bars which have improved machinability with good case hardening characteristics.

Stainless Steel Bar

11L17 is a re-sulfurized steel that has a good surface finish and good machinability. The process is the same as 12L14 where the steel does not alloy with the lead. Lead only retains in its elemental state and it disperses inside in the steel’s structure which allows the chips to break off easier during the machining process.

This grade is steel with high-manganese but low-carbon content. It has almost all the machining features of 1212 Screw Stock but it has more improved mechanical properties. This steel also possesses good carburizing properties.

Our inventory of 11L17 Round Bars is supplied to manufacturing and instruction industries and market sectors.

11L17 Round Bars are widely used in automatic screw machines for numerous parts that require close tolerances and considerable machining, with a smooth finish.

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