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12L14 Carbon Steel Bar Stock

Our inventory of steel products includes cold rolled products like 12L14 carbon steel bar.

Stainless Steel Bar

12L14 Carbon Steel Bar stock exhibits smooth, machined surface. Due to its low friction component, it allows for increased tool life. “LedloyTM” is the trade name it is usually referred to.

Cold Roll is a re-phosphorized, re-sulfurized screw machine stock that has additional lead content. The high sulfur and phosphorous levels and additional lead content make the lubricating effects that result in tremendously fast machining rates.


We offer our stock of 12L14 steel rods that are extensively in automatic screw machines for manufacturing many components that require significant machining and close tolerances.

12L14 is advantageous where significant machining is necessary like bushings, couplings, inserts, and hydraulic hose fittings. Having an excellent ductility, 12L14 round steel bar is good for parts that involve bending, crimping, or riveting. Get our free quote now!

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