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2011-T3 Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy 2011 T3

2011-T3 Aluminum Alloy, a high mechanical strength alloy, exhibits great machinability and good surface finish capability to be used in a wide variety of applications.

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2011-T3 Aluminum or Aluminum Alloy 2011, a high mechanical strength alloy, has the ability to be exceptionally machined. This aluminum alloy exhibits good mechanical properties, free-cutting qualities, and good machinability as well as excellent surface finish capability.

Aluminum alloy 2011 can be machined at high speeds to produce fines chips that can be easily removed. The exceptional machining characteristics this alloy exhibits have allowed the production of detailed and complex parts. In some cases, 2011 alloy can even replace free machining brass without requiring alterations to tooling.

However, 2011 T3 has poor corrosion resistance compared to other alloys, which entails that parts tend to be anodized to provide the material with additional surface protection. When higher resistance to corrosion is an important requirement, a suitable replacement of the material can be 6262 T9.

This aluminum alloy also got poor weldability, therefore, welding is not a recommended process. But if it would be used for machined parts, there can be a rare need to weld the material.

Aluminum alloy 2011 is typically used in applications requiring parts that are manufactured by repetition machining.

Its applications include:

  • Clock parts and gears
  • Automotive trim
  • Fasteners and fittings
  • Appliance parts and trim
  • Meter shafts and gears
  • Adapters and carburetor parts
  • Knobs and nozzles
  • Pipe stems and filters
  • Screwdriver caps
  • TV fittings and tripod fittings
  • Oil line filters
  • Hose parts and pipe stems
  • Machine parts and spindles
  • Telephone parts and camera parts
  • Pencil and pen parts
  • Radio parts

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