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2024 Aluminum

2024 Aluminum Alloy

Aluminium alloy 2024 is an age hardening, high strength aluminum alloy suitable to be used in industries requiring optimum strength to weight ratio structure.

2024 AluminumAluminum alloy 2024 (UNS902404) is an age hardening, high strength aluminum alloy. This is highly useful when it comes to optimum strength to weight ratio structure. It is alloyed with copper as its primary alloying element.

Aluminum alloy 2024 has mechanical properties that greatly depend on the temper of the material. It has machining characteristics are fair in its heat-treated condition in which most machining operations are done. It can have good machinability in its annealed condition. It is recommended to use oil lubricants for all machining operations.

This alloy can be formed through conventional methods but hot forming should not be considered. Welding such aluminum alloy is done through the inert gas consumable electrode arc method or resistance welding. However, welding is NOT really recommended for this alloy since its corrosion resistance degrades as a result of weld heat. It is best advisable to perform repeat treatment if the material is subjected to welding.

Just like in welding, heat treatment should also be performed if the alloy will be forged and to retain its reasonable corrosion resistance. As an age-hardening alloy, it responds to heat treatment in order to accomplish strengthening or aging. Conventional methods help the alloy to be easy in cold working. Tempering is not applicable to this alloy.

Strengthening or hardening can occur from aging and solution anneal at room temp or various amounts of cold working.

Aluminum alloy 2024 is often used in applications such as the following:

  • Aircraft structures
  • Screw machine products
  • Rivets
  • Veterinary and orthopedic braces and equipment
  • Truck wheels
  • Scientific instruments

We include aluminum 2024 in our product inventory to be supplied to large industries and customers we serve.

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