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316/316L Stainless Steel

316 Grade Stainless Steel

Our inventory includes 316 Stainless Steel Bar, in sheet coil, plate coil, plate, bar, sheet, tubural and structural products.

Stainless Steel Bar

This grade is dual-certified so it can meet 316 and 316L. It is perfect for major applications that require superior resistance to corrosion above 304 and high leveled temperature strength.

316/ 316L alloy steel is austenitic stainless steel that has good molybdenum content. Its high nickel and molybdenum content allows it to exhibit better overall resistance to corrosion properties than 304. They work best in chloride environments which involve pitting and crevice corrosion.

Moreover, 316/ 316L Steel can provide stress-rupture and creep strengths, excellent elevated temperature tensile, and also outstanding weldability and formability. 316L is the lower carbon version of 316 and it has immunity from sensitization, it is always used in gauge welded components.

We offer a wide stock of 316 steel bar that can be used for various applications like chemical processing equipment, food preparation like for chloride environments, plastics, rubbers, pulp & paper machinery, heat exchangers, laboratory equipment, pollution control equipment, boat fittings, valve and pump trim, textile and pharmaceutical industries, and condensers, tanks, and evaporators.

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