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4140/4142 Steel

4140/4142 Alloy Steel

4140/4142 alloy steels possess high tensile and yield strength – generally hardened and tempered in the range of 850 to 1000 Mpa for an improved machinability.

Inconel 625We stock 4140/4142 Alloy Steel Bars which are cold finished annealed chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. This type of stainless steel can be oil hardened to a relatively high hardenability. 4140 chromium content provides good hardness penetration.

4140/4142 alloy steel bars have a wide variety of typical applications that include holder blocks, strippers, ejectors, fixtures, molds, cans, jigs, back up and support tooling, blocks, drill collars, cams, couplings, stubs, bolts, axles, piston rods, reamer bodies, shafting, hydraulic machinery shafts, rams, sprockets, gears, gear racks, chain links, valves, tool bodies, spindles, tie rods, tool holders, guides, boring bars, ways, wear strips or parts, tracks, slides, trim dies, bolsters, forming dishes, brake dies, machinery parts and components, etc.

There is an excellent wide range of properties that can be attained through variations in the method of heat treating 4140. Having self-scaling properties, 4140 is often used as stock for forging.

Heat treatment is readily responded by 4140/4142 types of steel. Thus, 4140 is relatively easy to machine in a heat-treated condition. These alloys can resist creep in temperatures up to-

We offer our stock of 4140/4142 alloy steel bars that are widely used in varied applications where wear resistance and greater toughness are required over low carbon grades.

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