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A286 Stainless Steel

Type A286 Alloy (UNS S66286)

We include in our inventory A286 stainless steel which can be effectively used in temperatures requiring corrosion resistance, high strength, and ductility.

A286 Stainless SteelType A286 stainless steel is an age-hardenable super alloy that is suitable for applications requiring oxidation resistance, high tensile strength, and corrosion resistance. They are austenitic iron-based materials which are highly resistant to heat and can be used for moderate corrosion applications.

This stainless steel grade is designed to be used at the temperature that’s up to 704°C or 1300°F where it requires excellent creep resistant, high tensile strength, and good corrosion resistance. This stainless steel is also used for low temp applications requiring non-magnetic high strength and ductile material at below room temperatures.

High-temperature alloys can be difficult to be machined than regular stainless steel. However, as an iron-based alloy, A286 steel grade can be easier to be machined compared to nickel-based precipitation – hardening grades. This stainless steel grade is usually cold drawn and formed though it is harder than other stainless steel grades. In addition, this stainless steel can be work-hardened rapidly.

Forging the material can be done at temperatures 1038°C to 1121°C or 1900°F to 2050°F temperature. This grade can also be produced through vacuum induction melting or argon-oxygen decarburization. Refining the material can also be performed by electro-slag re-melting or vacuum arc techniques.

Purpose and Application

A286 stainless steel can be used in a wide array of applications which include:

  • Super-charger components
  • Castings
  • Aircraft and industrial gas turbine
  • Sockets and screws
  • Flange nuts and afterburner parts
  • Jet engine blades
  • Wheels and blades
  • Casings
  • Gas turbines

We carry a huge number of different sizes and shapes of A286 stainless steel ranging from bars, rounds, flats, to squares.

Our A286 stainless steel can meet or exceed many of the industry’s exact requirement and standard specifications such those from ASTM, AMS, SAE, and MIL-S.

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