41l42 Steel

High Wear Resistance 41L42 Steel

Built to Last, Built to Excel: With 41l42 steel, durability and strength meet the highest standards.

41L42 alloy steels

The 41L42 alloy steel grade is a precipitation hardening alloy steel that incorporates chromium as part of its alloying elements. With high hardenability and excellent hardness penetration due to its chromium content, it also features molybdenum for uniform strength and hardness.

This alloy steel grade exhibits self-scaling characteristics, making it well-suited for forging. It readily responds to heat treatment and can be easily machined in its heat-treated state. It offers resistance to creep up to 1000℉ and maintains its properties even after prolonged exposure to high working temperatures.

41L42 alloy steel possesses desirable properties such as wear resistance, good strength, ductility, and stress resistance at elevated temperatures. It is typically used in the received condition but is generally heat-treated prior to use. Although it offers improved machinability, it should not be used at temperatures exceeding 400℉ as high temperatures can reduce ductility in leaded alloy steel grades.

Why Choose 41l42 Steel Bar?

These alloy steels are widely used in screw machine applications and are considered highly successful in various industries. 41L42 steel is a preferred choice in the construction and engineering industry, offering numerous benefits. It boasts superior strength compared to other steel types and can be easily recycled.

Having been in use for decades, 41L42 steel is proudly made in America. It is a high-quality material suitable for projects ranging from bridges to buildings. Its versatility has led to its growing popularity in industries such as construction, automotive, and appliances. Notably, it provides greater strength and is highly recyclable.

Advantages of 41L42 Steel include:

  • High tensile strength
  • Low carbon content
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Common applications of 41L42 steel include:

  • Bolts and subs
  • Rotary table shafting and couplings
  • Drill collars and kelly bars
  • Valves and axle shafts
  • Sprockets and high-temperature bolts
  • Chain links and spindles
  • Stay bolts, tractor axles, and tractor arms
  • Piston rods and winch shafts
  • Hydraulic machinery shafts, rams, and precision lead screws
  • Zinc die casting dies and reamer bodies
  • Oil well joints trailer axles

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We offer a comprehensive range of 41L42 steels in various standard sizes and forms, including rounds, sheets, and tubings. Additionally, we provide machining operations to meet specific application requirements.

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