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Bar Chamfering

Bar End Chamfering

Bar chamfering is perfect when it comes to achieving perfectly chamfered bar ends for smoother indexing and connecting two surfaces together.

Bar ChamferingBar chamfering is best suited to achieve chamfered bar ends. Traditional cutting performed to come up with chamfered bar ends. These ends are chamfered to ensure smoother indexing of parts to the guide bushing.

Chamfering is typically used to improve the form of gears, sprockets, and other parts. It is usually related to that of the cutting process in which edges are cut to make ends connect with other parts or connect two surfaces. This is highly recommended to serve as a better solution to common machining problems associated with straight-length bar and tube.

High advanced machines are used for chamfering bar threaded bars for manufacturing anchor builts and tie rods. These bolts and rods are used for holding concrete sections and other construction applications.

We have our full range of unique designed, built rod, tube, and bar chamfering machines to complete necessary operations in producing chamfered bars. We have our set of fast, innovative, cost-effective, and multifunctional models that can perform along with the easy operation: automatic and manual. 

Better chamfered bar ends are best achieved with an automated process. An automated chamfering process can offer consistent quality. It is also even faster and safer than hand grinding. Upon chamfering a bar, there are factors like bar or rod size to consider prior to the operation.

We can do exactly what is highly required upon the operation when it comes to targeting specific angles and dimensions, giving our customers very competitive means on having fully formed bar ends perfect for almost all types of bar feed systems.

Our Best Bar Chamfering Capabilities:

  • Complete chamfered machining
  • Maximum production efficiency
  • Carbon and stainless steel chamfering
  • Fully enhanced surface and bar ends
  • Reduced machine wear and tooling

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