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Grinding Thin Wall Tubing

Grinding Thin Wall Tubing Products

Grinding thin wall tubings can be quite complex but we incorporate our own machining methods to still meet your tolerance requirements.

Grinding Thin Wall TubingBacked by our highly productive and super abrasive grinding machinery, we can provide precision grinding processes for products ranging from sizes and forms including round bars, rods, thin wall tubings, as well as complex parts.

For thin wall tubing products, we can be capable of grinding them up to their finest and to their tightest diametrical tolerances especially for materials like stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. 

Optimum grinding is performed by the abrasive removal of necessary parts of material and is produced stress and burr free without metallurgical damage. Shape distortion, residual stresses, and surface roughness are measured on thin wall tubings of different nodule counts.

In some cases, grinding thin wall tubings can be quite complex. Their tensile residual stresses are very prone on the surface. In addition, the depth of their profile decreases as they become compressive. Distortion can also increase when the nodule count and depth of cut increase while the work speed decreases. 

A perfectly implemented hone can be the solution to the challenge. Floating and fixed hones can be used and both have advantages. Floating hone can be used to do several internal works while fixed hone can help the bore maintain its “trueness”.

We incorporate the use of CNC solutions to our grinding processes to achieve products’ desired quality in terms of precision roundness and diameter tolerance.

Our operations for grinding thin wall tubing products entail the use of In-feed grinding to prevent variations in surface configurations from worn-out tooling due to the steel material hardness.

Use and Application

Grinding thin wall tubing products can be used in applications requiring condense, seamless tubes such as:

  • Role condenser tubes for heating
  • Thermal and nuclear power stations
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Medical
  • Foods and Candy
  • Electronics
  • Toys and crafts
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Process applications

We perform different machining processes for a wide variety of industries and customers we serve with regards to top quality and standard steel engineering.

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