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Fatigueproof Steel

Fatigue-proof Steel Bars

Fatigue-proof bars, made by combined powerful treatments and operations, now exhibit high strength which eliminates the need of doing secondary operations.

Stainless Steel Bar

Fatigue-proof, a medium-carbon free machining steel, exhibits higher mechanical properties. Compared to stress-proof, fatigue-proof bars have a higher strength which is produced by different combinations of mechanical working & thermal treatments.

This kind of bar exhibits exceptional mechanical properties made by the process of drawing steels at high levels of temperatures. Such a process will result in steel’s high tensile strength, excellent machinability, and uniformity of properties. Bars achieve high strength from milling but no following heat-treating process is necessary. Its strength is uniquely uniform and consistent from the surface to center of the bar as well as from end to end.

Heat treatment and secondary operations including straightening, cleaning, secondary inspections, and machining are not required for producing these high strength bars. These bars are machined with speed 25% faster than annealed alloy steels and 75% faster than alloy steels undergone heat treatment. Their excellent dimensional stability is just maintained. These bars exhibit better tool use and surface finish.

Fatigue-proof bars are made by re-sulfurized, high manganese, silicon killed steel. Their high strength properties are usually associated with only those of heat-treated steels. These properties are adversely affected when exposed to temperatures that are up to 600°F. When higher hardness is an important requirement, bars may undergo selective hardening by induction heating.

These high strength bars represent the following advantages:

  • High tensile strength
  • Minimized distortion
  • Excellent resistance to wear and fatigue
  • Exceptional machining features
  • No need for heat treating and secondary operations

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