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Bearing Shaft Quality Stainless Steel Bars

Bearing Shaft Quality (BSQ) Stainless Steel Bars

For rotating, sliding, and oscillating pivots, shafts, and wheels, our bearing shaft quality bars are machined and forged with specific ID dimensions.

Bearing Shaft Quality Stainless Steel BarsBearing shaft quality bars are rigidly used in rotating, sliding, and oscillating parts like shafts, wheels, and pivots for support and guidance. When bearings are made, it is based on the required size ID dimensions. 

To give bearings a slip fit, they are rigidly ground to tight diameter tolerance of .001” to .003” under the dimension.

Bearing shafts are also given with up to 32RMS surface finish. This kind of finish will allow round bars with a smoother finish, which can aid the shaft’s life. Bearings are precisely ground since they are subjected to applications that require them to go over the ground shaft easily without wobble.

303 Bearing Shaft Quality Stainless Steel

One of the common stainless steel grades used for the manufacturing of bearing shaft quality bars is 303 stainless steel grade. 303 is extensively used for parts and components that require grinding, machining, and polishing wherein great corrosion resistance property is necessary. It also exhibits other excellent non-galling and non-seizing properties for it be ideal for moving parts.

303 bearing shaft quality steels are non-magnetic in an annealed condition and cannot be hardened through heat treatment. Cold working can increase their hardness and tensile strength.

Since 303 bearing shaft quality steel is used in environments where low magnetic permeability is required. This stainless steel grade does also possesses good forming properties. Its improved non-seizing and machinability properties are done by the addition of selenium or sulfur and phosphorus to its chromium-nickel content. 303 is considered to be the most readily machinable grade among all other stainless steel grades.

Some of 303 bearing shaft quality stainless steel applications are:

  • Screw machine products
  • Valves and valve trims
  • Aircraft parts
  • Shafts and gears
  • Bolts and screws
  • Machine parts
  • Other architectural purposes

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