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Cold Rolled Steel Bar

Cold Finished Steel Bar

Cold drawn round bar and Cold rolled bar with improved physical attributes are perfect for a wide range of rigid applications in automotive, hydraulic pumps, chemical processing, etc.

Cold Finish Bars

Cold finish steel bars have more improved straightness, tolerance, and concentricity. These bars are typically used for the manufacturing of bearings, shafts, fasteners, oil pump shafts, concrete accessories, hand tools, vehicle axles, and wheel spindles.

A cold finish steel bar is the product of cold finishing which consists of cold drawing, grinding and polishing – which results in a higher yield point.

This process gives cold-finished bars many advantages like:

  • Bright new surface finish

  • Improved concentricity, tolerance, and straightness as well as close dimensions and roundness

  • Enable cold-drawing [which increases tensile and yield strength and eliminate costly thermal treatments.

  • Machinability improved up to 20% [which increases tool life, improves cutting speed and surface finish.

Cold finished steel bar usually has a smoother grey finish. Their final rolling is done as soon as steel is cold or at room temperature. The operation is bathed in oil to make sure bars are unoxidized and retain grey color in actual steel. Rollers smoothly do the job.

There can be only a few available shapes formed when steels are cold-finished. Steel is such a very tough material to the machine when it is “cold”. When steels are bent, hammered, and deformed in their “room temperature”, they may actually harden in distortion and may crack or weaken. To form the desired shape, steels have to be heated past a specific temperature in order for them to be easily bent, formed, and squeezed with ease without damaging the material.

Cold-finished bars can also be chemically colored and patinated. Since cold-finished steels don’t have oxidation on their surface, they can be best for base metal fabrication which will eventually have a secondary coloring process. Additionally, what makes cold-finished bars have an aesthetic craftsmanship is their sharp and accurate tolerance and profile.

Cold Rolled Steel Bar Uses

A cold-rolled steel bar is a kind of steel bar that is manufactured by cold rolling. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, including structural and railway uses. Cold drawn round bar is also known as cold drawn rod or cold-drawn wire. It is made by drawing the molten metal into a long, thin rod through a die with the use of cold air or water. The result is a product that has many advantages over the hot-rolled coil and hot-rolled sheet products.

Cold finished steel bar can be used for both structural and non-structural applications in construction, automobile manufacturing, and other industries where it’s needed to provide strength at a low cost. Cold drawn round bar products are also used in the automotive industry for making wheel rims.

Cold drawn round bar is a type of steel bar that is cold-finished after drawing. It has a round cross-section and is typically used in construction and manufacturing. These bars are available in various sizes and grades, depending on the intended use. For example, cold-drawn round bars with a diameter of 12 inches are typically used for the construction of bridges.

Cold rolled steel bar is one of the most widely used types of steel, and its advantages can be seen in all kinds of industries. It has a high tensile strength, which makes it suitable for use in many different industries like construction, automotive, and aerospace. A cold rolled bar is a type of steel that is produced by drawing the metal through cold dies and then rolling it into a bar shape.

Cold finished steel bar is another type of cold-rolled steel that has been fully annealed at room temperature before rolling. This type of cold-rolled steel has a lower carbon content than other types of cold rolled steel bar types because the annealing process removes the carbon from the metal during production.

Reasons to Buy Cold Rolled Bar

A cold finished steel bar is a type of steel that has been cold rolled to remove any hot material from the surface. Cold drawn round bar and cold rolled bar are other types. Plus, it is an economical alternative to hot-rolled steel bars because it does not require the use of expensive, high-temperature furnaces. It is also less prone to warping and cracking because it does not have any heat applied during production.

In addition, cold finished bars can be produced in larger quantities than hot rolled bars due to their lower cost per unit weight. It is known for its high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability.

Cold drawn round bar is the most widely used type of cold finished steel bar. It has a uniform cross-section with no grain boundaries or defects and it can be processed at high speeds. Lastly, a cold rolled bar is the most commonly produced cold finished steel bar because it has a larger surface area than other types. The surface area also makes it possible for the metal to be used for large-scale production with fewer losses due to imperfections or impurities.

PGB’s Cold Finished Steel Bar

We’ve been making and supplying cold-finished bars precisely for our customers across the MidWest. Our bars are manufactured with adherence to standards and quality – with regard to right shape and size. We provide cold-finished steels with special finishes, elevated qualities, special finishes, and exacting tolerance.

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