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Responding to our customers’ eminent request for high precision rods, we expand our precision steel round bar stock and deliver across the MidWest.

High Precision BarWe continually expand our inventory of steel and metal products in a wide variety of options ranging from product size, shape, grade, and length. One of our biggest inventories is our precision ground rod stock which has the most demands and requests coming from different customers. We boast our high precision bars forged to their finest finish and with the best steel grades.

Precision Steel Bar Suppliers

We run a wide distribution of a wide variety of steels and metals to respond to the ranging demands coming from large industries we serve:
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace Structure
  • Medical Industry
  • Fabricated Metal Fabrication
  • Chemical Plants
  • Hydraulic and Motor Pump Manufacturing

Reasons to Buy Ground Bar Stock

The steel bar is a structural component that is widely used in construction, engineering, and manufacturing. It is made of round steel bars, which are welded together to form a rectangular shape. Also, the ground bar stock is a type of steel bar that is used for construction purposes like roofing, scaffolding, and building frames.

Ground bar stock is a type of steel that is cut into long, thin bars and then rolled into a cylindrical shape. It is an alternative to round bar stock because it can be produced faster, has more strength, and can be used in more applications. There are many ground bar stock advantages but the most important one is that it can be produced at lower costs than round bar stock.

Steel round bar stock is a type of steel that is produced by cutting and forming a round bar from flat sheets. It is usually used for making structural shapes like beams, columns, and I-beams. The use of steel round bar stock has increased in recent years because it has been proven to be a more efficient material than other types of steel. It is also widely used in construction projects because it can easily be cut and welded together with other materials. Steel round bar stock is an economical option for the manufacturing industry because it can be produced at a lower cost than other types of steel.

PGB: One of the Best Ground Bar Suppliers

Steel bar suppliers or steel bar suppliers are the most important part of the steel process as they provide raw materials to the end users. They are responsible for delivering quality products at competitive prices and at short notice. PGB is one of the best ground bar suppliers in the market. We offer a wide range of steel round bars, steel square bars, and steel flat bars.

Ground bar suppliers are required to provide detailed specifications on their products so they must meet standards set by the steel industry. These include mill size, weight tolerance, length tolerance, thickness tolerance, and diameter tolerance. PGB is one of the best ground bar suppliers in the world. We have a wide variety of products that are suitable for both industrial and commercial use.

Steel bar suppliers are the companies that supply the raw materials for steel round bar stock production. They typically purchase raw materials from steel mills in order to produce the required amount of ground bars. Steel bars are supplied by suppliers who purchase these raw materials from ground bar suppliers.

PGB is one of the best steel bar suppliers in the world. It has been providing steel bar stock to many industries like construction, mining, manufacturing, and engineering. We offer ground bar stock in a wide range of sizes with a variety of carbon content. Plus, we offer the best quality at affordable prices.

Precision Ground Bar Suppliers

Our products are made and forged to their finest. With adherence to quality and standards in steel crafting, we ensure to deliver hot or cold finished products with a tight diameter tolerance, precision roundness, and clean surface finish. These ground bars are perfectly suited for types of applications requiring tight tolerance, and good diametrical dimensions rather than those bright turned bars. Precision ground bars acquire the straightness and roundness which are keys that ensure the bar is suitable for machining, requiring little vibration when bars are rotating at high speed. Eminently, we run our wide production and distribution of precision ground bars to support manufacturers of pump shafts, pins, driveshafts, bolts, rolling bearings, and ball bushings. Producing perfectly centreless ground bars is achieved through the use of high-strength materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, high tensile strength steel, and high-speed steel.
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