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Tube Centerless Grinding

High Quality Centerless Grinding for Tubes

We perform tube centerless grinding to grind high quality tubing products of both straight tubes and irregular tube shapes and bent tubing.

Precision Centerless GrindingAs a response to the high demand for high quality tubing products, we further improve our centerless grinding operations to meet the various requirements set by our customers. 

We perform centerless grinding that can effectively finish straight tube even of various shapes as well as bent workpieces.

Tube centerless grinding is eminently used to give accurate finish and clean polish to tubing. Tubes are to be machined and ground to get rid of mark or scoring and to polish it for surface finishing. 

Grinding cylindrical tubes may be smooth running but it also highly requires a high degree of manual skills and solid experience to achieve a smooth surface and precision straightness.

We have several heavy-duty grinding machines which can grind and work tubes both straight and curved. A fine finish is achieved by using abrasive belts. Stainless steel tubes usually require grain finish the same as aluminum tubes.

Grinding Process

 The grinding process must prepare tube’s surface for plating and coating in order to remove imperfections on the surface and smooth it so scratched and all other imperfections can be undetectable after coating and plating are applied.

Manual grinding tubes can be quite difficult but semi-automated and automated tube grinding can speed up the job – which often effectively create a safer cleaner work environment. The advantage of centerless grinding is it can help put a grain surface finish on straight tubes as well as on those tubes with irregular shapes and those bent tubing.

Our high production throughput for tube centerless grinding systems can provide high production throughput at minimized operating costs.

This is an additional machining capability we offer for our customers to improve competitiveness and efficiency along with optimal custom-tailored solutions and comprehensive service.

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