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Precision Centerless Grinding

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Precision grinding operations are done for bringing up tight tolerance, precision, rough surface finish, and all-around polish for your materials.

Precision Centerless Grinding

We use advanced technology and operations that can hold parts to tolerances. Its wide range of machining operations includes Precision Centerless Grinding.

We supply precision ground bar materials perfect for close tolerance machining applications. With the use of productive thru-feed centerless grinding machines, we are proud of our capabilities to produce high precision and tolerance to products and provide the fastest lead times.

Starting with materials with superior machinability features, we see to it that the end results are excellent straightness and consistency with the dimensional tolerances from bar-to-bar and bar-end to bar-end with its Centerless Grinding operations.

We work closely on consistently producing higher quality finished components, improving material yields, having a lesser scrap, and lesser machine downtime to meet customers’ strict criteria.

Our Precision Grinding Capabilities:

  • Ultra-precise Tolerances of desired foot lengths and roundness

  • Precision bars or parts

  • Precision bar grounds

  • All materials like metals, ceramics, and plastics

  • Excellent finishes to 2 Ra

  • Diameters – .005” – 2.50”

Advantages of Centerless Grinding

Precision centerless grinding is the preferred method for grinding in the production of metal parts because it offers several advantages over other methods. It is a process in which the milling head’s rotational speed is increased by using the friction between the grinding wheel and material.

It is a process that is used to grind the surface of a workpiece. It is done to remove any defects and improve the surface quality. Also, it is a process of removing material from a surface by using an abrasive wheel with a sharp edge. The process is performed with the use of precision centerless grinding machines.

Precision grinding is a common method used by many manufacturers and tool makers to produce their products. Because of its low cost, relatively high precision, and versatility, it has become a popular choice in the industry.

Precision grinding has various uses. For example, it can be used when manufacturing parts with hard surfaces that need a smooth finish and when sharpening tools. The process can also be used for smoothing out uneven surfaces on materials like wood or stone, which are then easier to sand and polish. The advantages of precision centerless grinding include:

  • Precision grinding has higher production rates due to shorter process times

  • Better surface finish quality due to better surface roughness and reduced tool wear

  • It is more consistent and accurate results;

  • Precision grinding has less time spent on the process;

  • Increased efficiency in manufacturing processes.

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